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Welcome to the IENE projects!

This multilingual website addresses nurses and healthcare professionals working with patients from different cultures and languages and aims to improve the quality of their vocational education and training in Europe.

During the IENE 1 to IENE 10 projects, 27 partners from 14 European countries developed a Model for Intercultural education of nurses and healthcare professionals based on the Papadopoulos, Tilki and Taylor Model (PTT/IENE MODEL)




This page contains the Training Curriculum we have created in the framework of the IENE projects. Each Curriculum was guided by the PPT Training Model and adapted to different aspects of trans cultural education of healthcare professionals.

IENE 1 Curriculum

The IENE 1 Training Curriculum aims to promote understanding of the impact of culture on patients’ health beliefs and practices and help future/registered nurses to develop/ increase their cultural competences in order to have more adequate responses to the patients health/illness and welfare needs.

Download Good Practice Manual

IENE 2 Curriculum

The IENE 2 Curriculum for Training the Trainers (TOT) is aiming to prepare teachers and trainers to teach transversal competences and to implement the PTT/IENE Model of trans cultural nursing education in health education systems. It was implemented and evaluated during the training workshops organized in Belgium, Germany, Romania and France.

Download The ToT Methodology  EN  RO  FR  NL

IENE 3 Curriculum

The IENE 3 Training Curriculum for Education of Delivering Compassionate and Competent Care led the training workshops in UK, Romania, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Netherlands on the topics of:

  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Intercultural Communication

Download : Good practice manual , including the examples of good practices and the results of the pilot and assessment of the tools .

IENE 4 Curriculum

The IENE 4 Curriculum for the development of role models promotes and support culturally competent and compassionate care, the learning, practice and support of compassion-in-practice. It is composed of two learning units.

The Unit 1 is aimed at senior professionals whose roles emphasize leadership within their organisations and support for the front line staff so that they are enabled to provide culturally competent and compassionate services.

The Unit 2 is aimed at qualified front line leaders whose roles include supervising and coaching students as well as providing and monitoring the care given to patients

Download the Curriculum for Healthcare Leaders in Culturally Competent and Compassionate Care

IENE 5 Curriculum

The IENE 5 Curriculum of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) created in the IENE 5 project aims to increase the knowledge and skills of members of healthcare teams, in three major areas: Intercultural communication, Working in multicultural and multidisciplinary healthcare teams and Patient safety.

Download the MOOC Curriculum

IENE 6 Curriculum

IENE 7 Curriculum

The IENE 7 Curriculum addresses the development of caregivers working in elderly homes care and in different long term care establishments, focused on EU and non-EU migrant caregivers. It aims to raise the cultural competence of care givers by equipping them with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for cross cultural communication, creating a friendly environment and positive interaction and relationship with older people.

Download the Training Curriculum

IENE 8 Curriculum

The IENE 8 Curriculum enables nurses and other health professionals and volunteers to provide support, knowledge and skills on parenting and child-family health care needs, under extreme and unique conditions.

Download the Training Curriculum Model

IENE 9 Curriculum

The IENE 9 Curriculum for Culturally Competent and Compassionate LGBT+ Inclusive Education enables teachers/trainers of theory and practice be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills regarding LGBT+ issues and enhance them to overcome negative attitudes and stereotypes they might hold towards LGBT+ people and to better support the needs of their students’ and service users.

The training Curriculum, is available in Enghish, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish and Romanian at

IENE 10 Curriculum

The Transcultural Robotics Nursing (TRN) Curriculum is designed to promote culturally competent and compassionate transcultural care with the use of artificial intelligence and social robotics. The Curriculum is organized in four modules:

  • TRN Awareness
  • TRN Knowledge
  • TRN Sensitivity
  • TRN Competence

Download the Transcultural Robotics Nursing (TRN) Curriculum Model in English, Romanian, Greek, Italian and German

Key outputs

IENE 1, 2008-2010

  • Research report EN
  • PTT/IENE Model EN
  • Report of the survey EN
  • Good Practice Manual EN

IENE 2, 2010-2012

  • Transnational Report  EN
  • ToT methodology  EN  RO  FR  NL
  • Strategic Guide  EN
  • Final conference  EN
  • Brochure with project results  EN

IENE 3, 2013-2015

IENE 4, 2014-2016

  • Report on integrative literature reviews EN
  • Needs assessment report EN
  • An European model for the development of role models to promote and support culturally competent and compassionate care EN
  • Curriculum EN
  • Report of the Tools EN

IENE 5, 2015-2017

  • Needs assessment Report EN
  • Training Model EN RO IT EL DK
  • Curriculum EN
  • Handbook for MOOC facilitators EN
  • MOOC Best Practice Guide EN

IENE 6, 2016-2018

IENE 7, 2017-2019

IENE 8, 2018-2021

IENE 9, 2019-2021

IENE 10, 2020-2022

  • Download the project Outputs here.
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