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Culturally Competent Research

Papadopoulos (2006a) uses the term 'culturally competent research' to describe her version of Participatory Research that is specifically applied to investigate cross- cultural/transcultural health related questions. Further, Papadopoulos (2006b) defined culturally competent research as research that both utilizes and develops knowledge and skills which promote the delivery of health care that is sensitive and appropriate to individuals' needs, whatever their cultural backgrounds.


Papadopoulos, I. (2006). Culturally competent research. In I. Papadopoulos (Ed.), Transcultural Health and Social Care : Development of Culturally Competent Practitioners (pp 85-98). Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone Elsevier.

Papadopoulos, I. (2006). Developing Culturally Competent Researchers: A model for its development. In J. Nazroo (Ed.), Health and social research in multiethnic societies (pp.82-95). London, Routledge.

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